What is Cerrtus?

Using the Cerrtus platform, the company and suppliers can share and collaborate on future demand, orders, ASN, GRN, and invoice details in real time to achieve supply chain agility and improve the company’s bottom line.

How Cerrtus can help business

Using Generative A.I & Document A.I technologies, Cerrtus will automate communication processes and share critical data in real-time, ensuring all parties are aligned and can react promptly to any changes or challenges. This will improve Supply Chain resiliency and provide competitive advantage to the companies.

Collaboration with suppliers, starting from the planning stage to invoice payment.

Quick and easy supplier onboarding on to the platform by self service capabilities.

Real-time tracking of orders and other transactions to avoid last minute surprises.

Prebuilt connectors to integrate with ERP and other internal and external partners systems to optimize Supply Chain.


How Cerrtus help companies improve Supplier Collaboration?

Demand Collaboration

Using the Cerrtus Platform, companies can share order forecast details with suppliers and collaborate regarding commitments and adjustments in near real time. This will optimize inventory, reduce risk, and improve forecast accuracy.


Using the Cerrtus platform, suppliers and companies can exchange business-to-business transaction details like Advance Shipment Notices (ASN), Goods Receipt Numbers (GRN) and other transactions in near real time.

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PO Collaboration

The Cerrtus platform will provide instant access for suppliers to purchase orders and purchase order changes originated in the company’s ERP system. Suppliers acknowledge the request and provide regular updates so that the company is informed about the purchase order's latest status, which in turn will improve the supply chain's agility.

Invoice and AP Automation

The Cerrtus platform automates the AP process by providing features like invoice upload, validation, and ERP integration. The platform has features to implement two- or three-way matching.

ERP Integrations


About Us

Certtus started with a simple idea to help companies collaborate with their suppliers using state-of-the art technologies to bring transparency to supply chain transactions. The Certtus team consists of experienced technology executives, product leaders, and supply chain domain experts. The Cerrtus team will bring multiple decades of experience in building highly scalable cloud supply chain platform.

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